Step 1

We select the best ones with the best ideas


Step 2

We teach and develop


Step 3

We help to turn an idea into a profitable business


UF Incubator (Ukrainian Future Incubator) was created on the initiative of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine under the auspices of UNESCO.

This is a business incubator that helps to turn an idea into a commercially successful startup.

We offer our participants modern educational business programs; we help to create a startup team, search for investments and technical support of the project; we provide mentoring from successful and experienced entrepreneurs, as well as access to office co-working and prototyping labs, where inventors will be able to create layouts and working models of their projects.

Students and graduates of the Junior Academy of Sciences, participants of the Future of Ukraine competition, other competitions of innovative projects, as well as – by competition – anyone who has an innovative idea and wants to turn it into a profitable business can join UF Incubator.

Our priority industries are mechanical engineering, electronics and instrument making, materials science, information and telecommunication systems and technologies, ecology and resource conservation, robotics, biotechnology.

Our purpose is to develop and scale the activities of talented people to help them to become financially self-sufficient.