28 finalists of the All-Ukrainian Competition-Defense of JASU have been awarded Ukrainian Future Certificate

The competition commission of the business incubator has selected 28 research works whose authors will receive Certificates to participate in programs on innovation project management. Depending on the readiness level of the work and the presence of a minimum viable product (MVP), the finalists of the All-Ukrainian Competition-Defense will have the opportunity to participate on a non-competitive basis in the UF Startup School Beginner or UF Startup Intensive programs.

  • UF Startup School Beginner is a short-term program aimed at introducing participants to the startup environment. It is designed for those who aspire to turn their ideas into viable businesses or socially beneficial projects for the country.
  • UF Startup Intensive is a program focused on developing a future business model and is intended for those who seek to accelerate the successful launch of their startup project.

Both programs will be conducted through online training sessions with additional hours of mentoring sessions. If the security situation permits, there is also a possibility of working on a prototype in the Ukrainian Future Prototyping Laboratory, UF FabLab, located at 13 Chokolivsky Boulevard, Kyiv.

Here is the list of finalists of the All-Ukrainian Competition-Defense of scientific research works by student members of JASU (Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine) who have received Certificates from the Ukrainian Future business incubator:

  1. Artem Dedenok
  2. Dmytro Rossokha
  3. David Stepanenko
  4. Ruslan Siniayev
  5. Oleksandr Barabash
  6. Ivan Kharchenko
  7. Artem Polyekha
  8. Anastasiia Shostak
  9. Maria Godovanets
  10. Illia Fedosov-Nikonov
  11. Andrii Mavrin
  12. Artem Kliminsky
  13. Maksym Kheilik
  14. Maksym Makarenko
  15. Roman Kovalevych
  16. Volodymyr Stepanov
  17. Viktoriia Moroz
  18. Alisa Stepanova
  19. Artem Tertyshnyk
  20. Heorhii Ambartsoumov
  21. Andrii Zozulich
  22. Maksym Leshchenko
  23. Heorhii Dziumenko
  24. Oleksii Silchenko
  25. Ivan Veremiienko
  26. Illia Hereha
  27. Illia Tarasenko
  28. Vladyslav Mykolaiovych Zaporozhets

* To activate the Certificate and enroll in the non-competitive program, it is necessary to fill out the registration form, which will be sent to all Certificate holders immediately after the enrollment announcement for UF Startup School Beginner or UF Startup Intensive.

** Due to the state of emergency, Ukrainian Future extends the validity of Certificates for participation in programs on innovation project management. The participants of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine who received such Certificates from us in 2021-2022 will be able to use them until 2024 inclusive.

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