We are excited to introduce you finalists of Startup World Cup Ukraine 2022

Jury members of the Startup World Cup global competition decided on the list of winners of the Ukrainian regional selection! On July 22, startup teams will compete online for a trip to Silicon Valley and a chance to win $1,000,000:

  1. SOLAR PLEX. A retrofit solar panel technology that allows photovoltaic panels to produce electricity and heat simultaneously in the same housing, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of conventional solar panels by 95%.
  2. MISU. Mobile application and smart device for health monitoring and prevention of critical conditions before they occur.
  3. Ukr-Techno. Innovative floating pontoon technology that converts wave energy into electricity and fresh water.
  4. Manna. An interactive media platform for creating original 3D animated content, streaming, and social interaction in a VR environment.
  5. VanOnGo Eastern Europe OÜ. Last-mile delivery software based on artificial intelligence.
  6. CASES. EdTech and Social Networking for the Creative Industries.
  7. GIOS. An interactive platform in the style of TikTok for learning mathematics, which unites tutors, students, and teachers.
  8. Scientific Park of Preventive Medicine and Occupational Safety - Latest systems and technologies. Installation of "Sprout" pre-sowing seed treatment, which ensures an increase in yield by 10-60%+.
  9. Innstoria. Online store designer that creates a ready-made site with already added products in 40 seconds, using an Instagram page.
  10. Harmix. An intelligent service that automatically selects music for videos
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