Finalists of "InventorUA" awarded Ukrainian Future Certificates

29 participants of the All-Ukrainian competition for youth scientific and technical projects "InventorUA" will have the right to automatic admission to the pre-incubation program UF Startup School Beginner 2022 and start working on implementing their projects in the form of startups.

UF Startup School Beginner 2022 by Ukrainian Future, the business incubator of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, is a program for those who aspire to assess their entrepreneurial potential and take a real step towards turning their ideas into viable businesses. The online course sessions will start in December and last for 2.5 weeks. The authors of the most promising "InventorUA" projects selected by the Ukrainian Future selection committee will have the right to automatic admission to the pre-incubation program.

List of Certificate holders for UF Startup School Beginner 2022:

  1. Viktoriya Shpak
  2. Igor Svyrydenko
  3. Volodymyr Safiyanik
  4. Volodymyr Ruskykh
  5. Mykola Volynets
  6. Mark Kyrichenko
  7. Pavlo Petrychenko
  8. Andriy Korkuna
  9. Mariya Godovanyets
  10. Ilona Kenyo
  11. Georgiy Ambarcumov
  12. Daria Dotsenko
  13. Denys Hromovyi
  14. Daria Pototska
  15. Daria Vygovska
  16. Kateryna Osadchuk
  17. Roman Nahorniy
  18. Karina Lytvynenko
  19. Alona Zykova
  20. Ilya Drobot
  21. Polina Biletska
  22. Zlata Kotsur
  23. Sofia Agress
  24. Olena Teslia
  25. Alina Sychuk
  26. Bohdan Prots
  27. Nikita Naumov
  28. David Melnyk
  29. Yaroslav Husak

To activate the Certificate, it is necessary to fill out the registration form that will be sent to all Certificate holders after the announcement of enrollment for UF Startup School Beginner 2022. ** If you did not find your name among the Certificate holders but still wish to join UF Startup School Beginner 2022, you can apply to the program on general terms here. The decision regarding admission in such cases will be made by the selection committee.

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