Mikko-Pekka Hanski has joined the Advisory Board of Ukrainian Future

Mikko-Pekka Hanski is the Chairman of one of the most famous unemployment funds in Finland, Yleinen työttommöyskassa YTK, Board member and Advisor of Hanskis Maskin Service Oy, a family company that creates new worlds, develops concepts and invests in ideas and people. And also the founder of Ministry of Good Spirit — a community that unites positive responsible people, supporting their growth with inspiring events and mentorship.

Mikko-Pekka is a board professional, investor,  digital and user experience consultant. Among his specializations and interests are innovative research methods, business development, sales and marketing, and conducting innovative workshops. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of design - he is the co-founder of the Idean design agency: he created it together with friends in 1999 and left the company in 2020.

Currently, Mikko-Pekka Hanski cooperates with family investment company Kovanen Capital, private investment company Panostaja Oyj, coaching company Juuriharja and a number of start-up teams. Mikko-Pekka is also actively involved in volunteer activities. He is a member of the educational advisory group of the United Nations Technology Innovation Labs (UNTIL) and a chairman of the Children and Youth Foundation. 

Cooperation of Mikko-Pekka Hanski with Ukrainian Future, a business incubator of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, began in the spring of 2022. Together with Hannele Mennala (business professional, member of the Advisory Board of Ukrainian Future) and Vitalii Lisovyi (CEO of the Ukrainian Future business incubator), he is a co-founder of the Ukrainian-Finnish startup support project Empowering Future Entrepreneurial Ukraine. At the same time, the company of Mikko-Pekka — Ministry of good spirit — contributed to the grant fund of the mentorship program and awarded two finalist projects youth scholarships of € 5,000 each.

Thank you Mikko-Pekka Hanski for your cooperation and support and we are glad to welcome you to the Advisory Board of Ukrainian Future!

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