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June 2023

Startup World Cup is the largest global conference-competition of startups with a Grand Final in Silicon Valley. More than 60 countries hold regional Startup World Cup selections, determining the winner who will represent them in the Grand Final and compete for the prize in $1 million.

The organizer of the competition is the international venture company Pegasus Tech Ventures, the total investments of which is $14 billion and the portfolio includes such companies as SpaceX, Airbnb, SoFi, etc.

Startup World Cup is not just about competing startup teams. Grand Final in Sillion Valley is a unique opportunity to meet leading investors, founders and executives of innovative giant corporations such as Apple, Netflix, Siri, Softbank, LinkedIn, Cisco, Khosla Ventures at the venue. The regular speakers of the competition are Steve Wozniak, Mark Randolph, Adam Chayer, Marcelo Claur, Reed Hoffman, John Chambers and many other successful businessmen. Participants of the Grand Final have an opportunity not only to present their project, but also to chat live with "business sharks", to hear some advices of world experts, to find partners and future investors.

Ukrainian Future Business Incubator is an official representative of the Startup World Cup Ukraine regional competition since 2020.


Apply and have a chance to represent Ukraine on the main stage in Grand Final in San Francisco in 2023


Important Dates


Application Open


Submission Deadline


Selection of the 10-12 startups


The Final Pitching

Finalist of SWC Ukraine 2020

Automatic drones for application of protection and plant nutrition.

Finalist of SWC Ukraine 2022

An interactive media platform for creating original 3D animated content, streaming and social interaction in a VR environment.

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