List of legal consulting services

preparation of necessary papers for business registration - from 1,000 UAH to 1,900 UAH;

support for business registration - UAH 400;

choice of tax system for carrying out activities consulting – 400 UAH;

legal services for interaction with partners, investors and clients – 700 UAH;

legal services for agreements during launching of a business - from 700 UAH to 1,400 UAH;

consulting and explaining changes to the startup laws - from 400 to 700 UAH;

preparation of term sheet projects and letters of intent - UAH 500;

intellectual property registration consulting - from 700 to 1400 UAH;

IPR protection - from 1000 UAH;

patenting inventions and utility models consulting - from 600 UAH;

providing information on patenting abroad - from 1000 UAH;

choosing a legal model for doing business abroad (USA, Finland, Republic of Poland) support and consulting - from 1,000 UAH;

protection of confidential information, know-how and trade secrets legal consulting - from 700 UAH;

preparation of IP agreements - from 1000 UAH;
(license agreements, agreements on the transfer of exclusive property rights, etc.)

preparation of an application under the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) procedure - from 2,000 UAH;

IP taxes consulting - from 600 UAH;

personal data protection consulting - 700 UAH.